the peak
hong kong


The art deco movement in the early 20th century left behind great architecture and decorative objects in the west that bear very distinctive styles. They may carry with them various elements of geometry, exoticism and lavishness. The suite of furniture we custom designed for this client pays homage to this era.

A lot of original art deco furniture was finished with shellac, the application process was called japanning then, hinting that the craftsmen were trying to mimic the lacquering effect as was used in japan. Little did they know that the process was transferred originally from China to Japan, otherwise they might have called it a different name. It is natural that when our fine lacquering technique is merged with geometric design elements the furniture yields a strong sense of art deco feeling, especially considering that fine art deco furniture, like ours, was all meticulously hand made.











....art deco furniture : display cabinet ..艺术装饰风格家具 : 展示柜....