the craft


All our furniture is painstakingly hand crafted, regardless of the material of choice. Old school hand crafting is an art ingrained in our culture. The processes, though tedious and slow, are invigorating and honourable. When skilfully executed, the end result speaks of warmth and life that is unmatched by any industrialised merchandise. The slight irregularity inherent in hand crafting only adds to its distinctive charm and character. 

As genuine furniture lovers ourselves, we are encouraged when people come to appreciate our furniture’s vital quality differences that may go unnoticed to untrained eyes. We view every piece of furniture as a piece of architecture. A great façade is only as good as how the building is structurally designed and constructed internally. No cost is spared to achieve the best sturdiness.

For our solid wood furniture, we faithfully execute authentic and extensive watertight joineries, interlocking a generous number of concealed wooden members for strength. The sheer action of lifting up a piece, or just the gentle tapping of a surface will tell the difference. What about with your eyes closed, run your fingers over the surface, the edges, the back, and even the underside of a bed, feeling the thorough beauty of silky smoothness made possible only through a real feat of handcrafting? The attention to details embrace all seam lines between any two planes and in the transition between materials.

The same rigorous methodology is carried over to other furniture types. For instance, to make well a piano finish glossy paint dining table, we build hidden stainless steel frame as its core for the best long term support.














As most of our furniture is used in dry climates and in major northern cities, our furniture is designed, crafted and well seasoned with this in mind. 

For the best finished result, we split our crafting among a few small workshops vigorously selected, trained and managed to our quality standard. All our solid wood is crafted in Guangdong Province, southern China. Likewise for all bespoke metal components or metal furniture. All upholstery seats and cushions are hand made in Hong Kong, together with vegetable tanned leather and its saddle stitched components.