An innate passion for beauty and design is like a seed waiting for the right habitat to spring into life. After a decade of career in the technology and business world, the husband and wife duo - Kenneth Lee and his wife - finally found themselves ready to explore their creative genes in starting a small and humble business - The Imix Club. 

Founded in Hong Kong in 1999, The Imix Club has always been offering elegant and finely handcrafted solid wood Ming style Chinese furniture. Not only do we find Ming style furniture having a charm unlike any other, its noble spirit calms and nourishes our souls. Genuine Ming antique furniture has always served only as inspiration to us, seeing that newly made Ming style furniture can better fit contemporary living, and to create new imparts refreshed energy in the continuity of this great heritage. From the beginning, we have enjoyed this freedom in creating an endless list of custom made furniture for clients all over the world. From residential clients to the most luxurious hotels, we design and make furniture that is not only of high quality, but also uniquely satisfy their individual needs. 

Over the years, we gained an in-depth knowledge on the rhythm of Ming style furniture as well as authentic solid wood furniture crafting methodology. These, when combined with our God blessed sensitivity to forms, proportions, material characteristics, finishes, details, and not the least an endless pursuit of excellence, has led us on a design journey to explore whole new grounds. Informed by a global outlook, the faithful spirit of Ming style furniture has become the language with which we can express a profusion of design ideas - even crossing the boundary from solid wood to man made boards to metal furniture. Regardless of the design or the primary material for a piece, our aim is still one and the same - creating genuinely exceptional furniture.

Hardly is truthfulness a word commonly used to describe furniture. But this is what we strive for, from furniture to the company - in accordance to our faith in the Spirit.






从创立的 1999 年起,明堂家具一直从香港向客户提供优雅而精工细造的实木中国明式家具。明式家具不仅拥有独一无二的魅力,其高貴氣質同時滋潤心靈。古代明式家具一直是我們參考研究的基础,让我们可以忠于明式精神与技巧而创造设合现代生活的明式家具。这也对这宝贵中国文化的承传注入新动力。从起初到今天,我们不断服务片布世界各地的顾客,向他们提供不同种类的订造家具。无论是最终用户,或是最高端的酒店,我们都提供从设计到制造顶级质素家具的服务,也满足了每个客人独特的订造要求。